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Welcome to the Hope Street Centre's resource pages for stress. Here you will find links to articles, files to download and other useful information on dealing with stress.

I am noticing that an increasing number of clients are attending The Hope Street Centre with problems caused by stress.  Much of the stress is work-related, although money problems, relationships, illness and trauma also play a part.  It is particularly worrying that many young people are stressed, as they juggle the demands of long working hours, commuting, bringing up a family and paying bills that are forever increasing.

Fortunately it is possible to combat stress relatively easily if it is recognised before serious symptoms of burnout develop. Typical signs  include irritability, impatience, outbursts of emotion, panic attacks, making uncharacteristic mistakes, illness, sleep disturbances. Some suggestions for tackling stress are presented  in the links alongside this article.

In addition to the information on these pages we have a newsletter "Overcoming stress in the workplace" available for download in PDF format. If you represent a business or organisation in our area we have a 30-minute presentation on stress in the workplace which we can present to help raise awareness.

Help for stress

There are a range of services we can offer to organisations to help reduce stress and promote the wellbeing of employees. See the items in the panel to the left for more information.

Official reports and publications 

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Therapists providing Stress Mastery
Sandy Juric New
Sandy Juric Sandy Juric is trained to masters level in both CBT and Integrative Psychotherapy. She has 15 years experience within the NHS and private practice, and offers an approach that has the flexibility to suit individual needs.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Mike Johnson practices counselling and psychotherapy, with a particular interest in Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.
Mhairi Gordon-Preston
Mhairi Gordon-Preston Hi, I’m Mhairi Gordon-Preston and I help mid-career professionals who are unhappy at work, to find new careers they love that pay well I’ve successfully changed career three times and coaching helped me do it.
Tianne Croshaw Tianne Croshaw is a Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach and facilitator for The Resilience Programme. She offers help with weight loss, smoking cessation and mastering stress as well as Business and corporate coaching to help clients get the best out of their time in the work place.
Dewi Thompson
Dewi Thompson As a counsellor I try to create a space which helps you to talk openly and comfortably about yourself and how you are feeling.
Patty Everitt
Patty Everitt Because problems often evoke strong feelings it is not always easy to talk about what’s really bothering us. My role is to help you feel safe enough to confront the issues and to guide and support you as you explore.
Charlotte Walton Charlotte Walton is a counsellor and counselling supervisor, and also offers life coaching and stress management. She works with adults, young people and couples.
The following problems may be helped by Stress Mastery

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