Body Dysmorphia (BD)


Body Dysmorphia (BD) is different from having a healthy interest in how you present yourself to the outside world. Body Dysmorphia is a much deeper, disruptive anxiety which can have a negative impact on almost all aspects of your life including your relationships, career, health and finances. 

Body Dysmorphia

It is important to know that it is not age specific: we associate appearance anxiety with younger people however anyone at any age can have Body Dysmorphia. For example, studies are showing that more and more young men are experiencing it, particularly now that advertising for creams, cosmetic surgery, after shaves and hair products is aimed at them. 

Body Dysmorphia

Here are some of the questions you might ask yourself in order to identify if you are experiencing Body Dysmorphia

  • Is your body image or the way you see yourself having an impact on your relationship(s)? 
  • Do you often feel depressed when you think about your self image? 
  • Are you anxious in social situations, wondering what people are thinking about your appearance? 
  • Are you drinking to excess or using other substances to try and make yourself feel better? 
  • Do you avoid leaving the house, or go to unusual lengths to hide aspects of your appearance? A good distinguishing factor could be the decision making behind wearing a hat. Is the hat a fashion statement or are you wearing it to disguise part of your face which you deem to be too large? 
  • Are you considering cosmetic surgery because you consider one part of yourself to be unacceptable? 

Body Dysmorphia

Of course, many people are concerned to a greater or lesser degree with some aspect of their appearance but to obtain a diagnosis of Body Dysmorphia the preoccupation must cause significant disruption in at least one area of your life. 

For example, you may spend several hours a day thinking about a perceived defect and may feel compelled to repeat time consuming routines such as:

  • Checking your appearance in a mirror or reflective surface
  • Seeking reassurance about your appearance
  • Checking by feeling your skin with your fingers
  • Regularly cutting or combing your hair to make it perfect
  • Picking your skin to make it smooth
  • Comparing yourself to models in magazines or people in the street 

Getting help 

Having read this article, if you feel that you are experiencing BD, then counselling can help you to get things into perspective.  If you would like to talk in confidence then please get in touch by calling 01270 764003. 

Body Dysmorphia

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The following therapies may help with Body Dysmorphia (BD)

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