Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor

About me

I’m a mental strength and resilience expert who works with groups and individuals to improve their mental strength and resilience in their chosen area. I work across the fields of business, education and sport.

I’m also a father to two amazing children who has gone through my own painful divorce and successfully come out the other side and into another fulfilling relationship with a blended family. 

As a result, I’m only too aware of the overwhelming nature of what is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. So I bring my skills as a coach, trainer and facilitator with my personal experience, to help others emerge stronger and bounce forward, not just bounce back.

My reason for having a divorce coaching practice alongside my day job is to minimise the impact on children caught up in the breakdown of a relationship.

How I help

As well as grieving for the end of a relationship, even if the you instigated it, there are a whole range of other emotional, mental and physical tolls that divorce places upon us. These drain resilience having an adverse impact on work-life, social life and family life.

My training and experience sadly shows people tend to fall into making at least one, if not several, of six common mistakes:

Abdicating decisions to others: usually assuming your lawyer will make the decisions

Adopting a win-at-all-costs mentality: it’s natural but this often self-defeating

Going it alone with just your lawyer: divorce affects all areas of your life and getting the right support for each is key to success

Throwing in the towel: meaning you might settle for less than you deserve or pay more than you can afford. 

Super-sub syndrome: betting on another relationship, often son after the last one ended

Failing to accept and deal with uncertainty and thus procrastinating for ‘perfect’. Whatever ‘perfect’ is.

Some of these mistakes can have serious short and long term consequences. They are ALL entirely avoidable.

What I do

I work with clients during all three stages of divorce, namely: pre, during and post-divorce.

Where I add value is helping clients with:

Sound decision making: I create space and time for clients to make sound decisions based on rational and un-emotive thinking. 

Goal-setting: people can only move forward when they decide where they want to be and take incremental steps to get there. It doesn’t matter whether this is 6 months, three years or longer.

Building resilience: personal resilience is like the ocean tides, it’s in a constant state of ebb and flow. Sometimes it’s high and sometimes low. We all have it and I help clients build theirs using a combination of techniques from the world of elite sport, neuroscience, cognitive behavioural coaching and more.

Value-led behaviour and thinking: it’s easy when divorce hits to sometimes lose sight of your personal values and standards and life purpose – ‘the difference you were meant to make’. By keeping these in mind and living them again, it increases resilience and motivation and reduces stress.

Working with me tends to help clients move forward more quickly as well as reducing legal costs with lawyers and mediators.

How I do it

It all starts with a conversation. We both need to feel that we can work effectively together and that I can help them with their current circumstances and challenges. This can be done over Skype or in person at an appointed time. 

During this free 30-min session I’ll seek to understand your needs and expectations as well outlining how I work and my own expectations of clients. During this conversation I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need.

From that we’ll decide how best to progress with regards to frequency and medium.

What coaches do and don’t do

Coaches never tell or advise a client what to do. What we do is create a confidential, safe and totally non-judgemental environment in which the client can move forward by increasing their own self-awareness and identifying what existing resources they already have.   

We do this through a combination of listening, questioning, reflecting, observation and the occasional use of appropriate tools to benefit the other person in a way that enhances their learning and performance and moves them further on to where they want to be.

Quite often clients tell me this was the first time in their lives they’ve been listened to in this way and just that alone had a made a huge difference

However, unlike some coaches I don’t subscribe to one model or technique. My own philosophy is to use whatever works and is appropriate for the client at that moment in time. 

So I bring in elements of cognitive behavioural coaching, training techniques and neuroscience to help the client raise their awareness and perform at or near their best regardless of what stresses or challenges they face.

I work alongside legal and others advisers to ensure they make the best decisions for them with the least amount of collateral damage to themselves, their loved ones and their future.

Any questions or client referrals please call me 

Anthony Taylor 

07771 892489


Divorce Coaching

Mental Strength and Resilience Development

Hours of work

Fridays 9am until 3pm

Other times by arrangement

Contact Information: 
07771 892479
£80 per hour for divorce and mental strength coaching

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